The State of Environmental Migration 2020: A review of 2019


The State of Environmental Migration aims to provide its readership with the most updated assessments on recent events and evolving dynamics of environmental migration throughout the world. SEM thus represents another stepping-stone towards understanding how the adverse effects of climate change and disasters alter migration patterns. Each year, the editors select the best graduate student work from the course “Environment and Migration”, taught by Caroline Zickgraf at the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) of Sciences Po.

Edited by The Hugo Observatory of the University of Liège, this volume is the tenth in the annual series and the fifth of its kind published with the Presses Universitaires de Liège. This year’s authors focus primarily on sudden-onset displacement events, including the Australian megafires, the dam failure in Brumadinho (Brazil), the floods in Budrio (Italy), the Kerala floods (India), and cyclones Idai and Fani in Mozambique and India. The relationship between drought and conflict-related internal displacement in Somalia’s Bay Region, as well as the importance of populations’ perceptions of environmental risk on (im)mobility outcomes during acqua alta in Venice are analysed and discussed.

PDF version here

Publisher: Presses Universitaires de Liège. Editors: Caroline Zickgraf, Elodie Hut & Tatiana Castillo

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