Migration and Asylum Policies after the Pandemic

December 13th - Online


François Gemenne was part of this public panel on “Migration and Asylum Policies after the Pandemic”, in the framework of the MAGYC project.

Des migrations internationales privilégiées ? 

December 8th - Aubervilliers (France)


In this conference on privileged migration, Elodie Hut presented her work on migrant self-Identification and
empathy amongst privileged migrants in Brussels.

HABITABLE Annual Partners Meeting 

November 25th - Hybrid at Théâtre de Liège (Belgium)


The Hugo Observatory had the honor to host the annual partners' meeting of the HABITABLE Project in Liège in November, in-person and online. 

Wébinaire "Le statut de réfugié face à l'urgence climatique"

November 25th - Online

Le statut de réfugié face à l’urgence climatique-6

Elodie Hut took part in this webinar on the refugee status in the context of climate change.

COP 26 Side Events

November 2021 - Glasgow (UK)


François Gemenne moderated this hybrid side event on human mobility and climate change. Watch the event here (registration necessary)


Caroline Zickgraf moderated and Tatiana Castillo Betancourt was a speaker at this live-streaming side event on how climate-forced displacement impacts entire communities and the policy changes needed to address this concerning trend. Watch this event here

NYT debate-3-2-1024x644

François Gemenne spoke at the New York Times Debate at the Climate Hub titled Migration is a Sound Adaptation and Reparations Strategy. Watch the event here

Moving beyond 'climate refugees': Readying law, policy and practice for displacement in a warming world

October 19th - Online


Caroline Zickgraf spoke on this Kaldor Centre Virtual Conference key panel session held on 19 October 2021 on law, policy and displacement in a warming world. Watch the event here or listen to it here

Global Forum on Democratizing Work

October 5th - 7th - Online

In this webinar from the Global Forum on Democratizing Work, François Gemenne was invited to talk about climate and democratization. Watch the recording here

September 28th - Hybrid - Paris (France)


Elodie Hut participated in this debate on perceptions of environmental migrations. 

Webinar: "A pact with the devil? Robust border management and the EU's new pact on migration"

March 31st - Online


mceclip3 - 2021-05-03 18h21m36s

François Gemenne was one of the panelists of this webinar addressing the border management dimension of the New Pact on Migration and Asylum put forward by the European Commission.

Webinar: "5th Anniversary of the EU-Turkey Deal: An Academic Overview"

March 18th - Online

mceclip2 - 2021-05-03 18h16m16s

Başak Yavçan participated in this webinar on the 5th anniversary of the EU Turkey Deal, sharing insights based on her research in the MAGYC project and her field experience.

Webinar: "Les migrations climatiques face aux murs"

March 17th - Online

mceclip1 - 2021-05-03 18h03m40s

Caroline Zickgraf took part in this round table organized by UQAM's Geopolitics Observatory on the topic of climate induced migration and frontiers.

Webinar: "L'Anthropocène, l'autre bombe H ?"

February 27th - Online 

mceclip0 - 2021-05-03 18h00m19s

François Gemenne participated in this conference organized by the Wallonia-Brussels National Theater on the Anthropocene.

Webinar : "Migrants et expatriés : réalité et légitimité ?"

February 4th - Online 


François Gemenne participated in this webinar on migration flows organized by Europe Ecologie Les Verts Hors de France

Commemoration of the 5th Anniversary of the Endorsement of the Nansen Initiative Protection Agenda, the Adoption of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and the Paris Agreement under the UNFCCC

February 4th - Online 


François Gemenne took part in the third technical panel ("Nansen Initiative Protection Agenda and PDD - Bringing Together Policies and Action Areas in the United Nations and Beyond") of this commemoration.

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