Dr. Rathana Peou works at Utrecht University with the Copernicus Institute as Policy Researcher and the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Southeast Asia Scenarios Coordinator since 2017.  Prior to that she was attached to Oxford University at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI). In 2012 she joined the CCAFS scenarios team, first as the Scenarios Coordinator for South Asia and is now based in Cambodia since 2015 where she provides technical supports on Climate Smart Agriculture and builds capacity on foresight based policy making process in Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change. She holds a PhD in Political Science majoring in Philosophy.

Her research interests lies in the “4 inviolate principles”: food security, water security, energy security and social “health” security. Rathana has been researching on climate induced migration in Bangladesh and as well the weight of remittance on local development and “ maladaptation”. Her current research lies on the futures of Food Security, Agriculture and Climate Change in the ASEAN countries and how multi-stakeholders socio-economic scenarios could open policy dialogue and guide Climate Smart Investments.

Prior to joining the CCAFS team she worked for 3 years in Bangladesh where she was the deputy director of the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) and an associate professor ULAB. Before 2009, Rathana worked as an international consultant and humanitarian workers in Sudan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  She has worked with and consulted for agencies such as DFID, USAID, ECHO, DIPECHO, AFD, EU, ADB and different INGOs and NGOs developing guideline of reporting and program evaluation in humanitarian crisis countries.

Email: Rathana Peou


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