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Jun Borras is Professor of Agrarian Studies at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam and Adjunct Professor, College of Humanities and Development Studies (COHD) at the Agricultural University in Beijing. He is Editor-In-Chief of The Journal of Peasant Studies and Research Fellow at the Amsterdam-based Transnational Institute (TNI) and the California-based Institute for Food and Development Policy or Food First. Jun Borras was one of the five experts put together by the FAO through its High-Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) on the food crisis that prepared the HLPE global report on land grabbing and lead author of a European Parliament commissioned major report (2016) on EU-based companies engaged in and grabbing outside the EU, from a human rights perspective.

Jun Borras is an award-winning author, researcher, and teacher who has authored or (co-)edited several, (co-)guest edited several journal special issues. His monograph on transnational agrarian movements came out in 2016 (Fernwood), and he is currently writing another monograph (Polity Books) on food sovereignty movements. The emphasis of his work is on bridging academic research, development policy practice and civil society actions. This has been influenced by his professional background: He has been deeply involved in rural social movements since the early 1980s. He was part of the core organizing team that established the international peasant and farmer’s movement La Via Campesina and was a member of its International Coordinating Commission from 1993 to 1996. He has helped establish a global network of academics, development policy experts and social movement activists, the Initiatives in Critical Agrarian Studies (ICAS, www.iss.nl/icas), that in turn spearheaded a number of initiatives, a global network of research institutes and researchers carrying out studies on global land-grabbing, the Land Deal Politics Initiative (LDPI, www.iss.nl/ldpi), and a network that studies the rise of BRICS and middle income countries (MICs) and its implications for global agrarian transformations, the BRICS Initiatives for Critical Agrarian Studies (BICAS, www.iss.nl/bicas). He is the founding editor of the ICAS Book Series in ‘Agrarian Change and Peasant Studies’ the English edition of which is published by the Canada-based Fernwood Publishing; it is available in 10 language editions in partnership multiple universities in various countries.

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