Elodie HUT

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Elodie Hut is a PhD Candidate at the Hugo Observatory, a research centre dedicated to the study of the interactions between environment, migration and politics at the University of Liège. Her PhD is conducted in the framework of the MAGYC project and analyses how citizens of Italy, Greece and Turkey residing in Brussels are perceiving the migration situation back in their country of origin, looking more specifically at how individual perspectives and experiences relate to othering or solidarity practices towards migrants. 


Working previously as a Research Assistant within the Hugo Observatory, Elodie supported the daily activities ofthe EDGE project (for which she coordinated a Summer School on environmental changes and migration in September 2018 and served as co-editor of the State of Environmental Migration 2018, amongst others), conducted research for the MIGRADAPT project (which seeks to appraise the role of migration to Belgium as an adaptation strategy to environmental changes), and contributed to the preparation of research project proposals.


Elodie holds a Master’s degree in Humanitarian Action and Law from the Institute of International Humanitarian Studies of Aix-en-Provence (France), as well a second Master’s degree in International Relations from Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence. Prior to joining the Hugo Observatory, Elodie worked at the UNHCR and the IOM in South Africa, for GIZ in Senegal, and in a Disaster Risk Reduction consultancy firm in South Africa, with tasks ranging from project management and development to M&E, as well as research and capacity building. Her research interests range from disaster risk reduction and resilience to the migration-adaptation nexus, as well as migration governance.

Email: Elodie Hut

Twitter: @elodiehut

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