The Hugo Conference

Environment, Migration, Politics


• 3, 4, 5 November 2016 •


The Hugo Observatory’s team 

All team

Reiko, CarolineDalilaSara, Luka, FrançoisPierre & Nakia



Thanks all of you
for coming to Liège




All pictures can be found here.

The compendium of abstracts can be found here.


The conference seeks to bring together scholars and practitioners from social sciences and environmental sciences, in order to examine the multiple linkages that connect environmental changes, migration and displacement, and politics.

Ahead of the COP22 in Marrakech, a conference where the human dimensions of climate change are expected to take centre stage, the conference will provide the latest assessment of our knowledge in the different dimensions of the environment-migration nexus.

The conference will also mark the launch of the Hugo Observatory, named after the late Graeme Hugo (1946-2015), a unique research structure dedicated specifically to the study of environmental changes and migration.

The Hugo Conference is organised within the framework of the EDGE project and funded through the Horizon 2020 programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union.


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