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The impact of  COVID-19 on the living and survival conditions of internally displaced persons in Burkina Faso

World Development Perspectives, Vol 25, March 2022

This article written by Pierre Ozer, Adama Dembele, Simplice Yameogo, Elodie Hut and Florence de Longueville explores explores how COVID-19 has impacted the living conditions of IDPs in Burkina Faso.

Natural resources, human mobility and sustainability: a review and research gap analysis

Sustainability Science, February 2022

Caroline Zickgraf is the lead author on this paper reviewing the scientific evidence on the interlinkages between natural resources, human migration and sustainability. 



Theorizing (im)mobility in the face of environmental change

Regional Environmental Change, Vol. 21, no. 4, 2021

This article written by Caroline Zickgraf connects knowledge from environmental migration studies to immobility in broader migration research.

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Stifling silos: The need for a more holistic approach to mixed migration in a warming world

Mixed Migration Review 2021

This essay by Caroline Zickgraf focuses on the challenges of envisioning, and responding to, mixed migration in a warming world based on existing quantitative and qualitative empirical evidence. 


Géopolitique du Climat. Les relations internationales dans un monde réchauffé.

Armand Colin, 2021

This book by François Gemenne discusses the international governance of climate change.


The Romanian white-collar immigrants in Brussels: a transnational community under construction

Belgeo, no. 3, 2021

In this artivle, Sanda Nicola, Caroline Zickgraf et Serge Schmitz assess the migration to Brussels of highly qualified Romanian immigrants after the elimination in 2014 of all restrictions imposed on Romanian and Bulgarian citizens in the EU.

geoecotrop numero453 2021

Les sécheresses en Wallonie, un nouveau défi du changement climatique ?
Quelques pistes pour améliorer la gestion de ce phénomène.  

Geo-Eco-Trop, Vol. 45, no. 3, 2021

This article by Thibaut Kevin and Pierre Ozer contextualises the risk of drought in Wallonia, makes a non-exhaustive inventory of existing measures and presents some ways for improving the management of drought episodes.

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Climate Migration is about People, not numbers

Open Book Publishers, 2021

In this collective book chapter featuring Elodie Hut, derived from Steffen Böhm & Sian Sullivan's book Negotiating Climate Change in Crisis, authors provide a critical analysis of the (mis)uses of large climate migration numbers and argue for more people-centered approaches. 


Climate change, slow-onset events and human mobility: reviewing the evidence

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Vol. 50, June 2021

In this article, Caroline Zickgraf synthesizes recent empirical literature on human mobility linked to slow-onset impacts of climate change. 

Science Connection

La migration comme stratégie d'adaptation aux changements environnementaux: réalités empiriques et enjeux politiques

Science Connection, no.64, April-May-June 2021

This article by Elodie Hut, Céline Le Flour and Tatiana Castillo Betancourt emphasises the multi-factorial nature of human mobility, the way environmental issues and their perceptions interact with those factors in the decision to migrate, and the benefits and risks of migration as an adaptation strategy.

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The migration-sustainability paradox: transformations in mobile worlds

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Vol. 49, April 2021

Caroline Zickgraf is one of the authors of this article on the apparent migration-sustainability paradox and the dimensions of the transformative potential of migration.

Migration and Environmental Change in Morocco - In search for Linkages Between Migration Aspirations and (Perceived) Environmental Changes

Springer, May 2021

Written by Lore Van Praag, Loubna Ou-Salah, Elodie Hut and Caroline Zickgraf, this open access book is based on the insights derived from the MIGRADAPT Project. It aims to demonstrate the complex interplay between environmental change and the development of migration aspirations and trajectories in the Moroccan context.

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Understanding Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey: Politics of the local

Mena Politics Newsletter, Vol 4 no.1, Spring 2021

In this article, Başak Yavçan addresses local responses to the pandemic's effects on displaced populations in Turkey, analysing what constitutes good practices.

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Conceptual framing to link climate risk assessments and climate-migration scholarship

Climatic Change, March 2021

Co-written by Robert McLeman, David Wrathall, Elisabeth Gilmore, Philip Thornton, Helen Adams and François Gemenne, this article aims at building a conceptual framing linking climate risk assessments and existing scholarship on the climate-migration nexus.

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Communicating COVID-19 on year on - What public health experts can learn from combating climate change misinformation

Climate Change Communicated, 12/04/2021

The final part of this article features François Gemenne and Anneliese Dupoux's insights on what our response to the COVID-19 pandemic tells us about our capacity to respond to climate change.

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The State of Environmental Migration 2020: A review of 2019

Presses Universitaires de Liège, 2020

Edited by Caroline Zickgraf, Tatiana Castillo and Elodie Hut (The Hugo Observatory). 



dis c'est quoi

Dis, c'est quoi l'immigration? 

Renaissance Du Livre, 2020 

In this book aimed at young readers, François Gemenne explores the topic of immigration and how it transforms societies.  

on a tous un ami noir

On a tous un ami noir 

Fayard, 2020

This book by François Gemenne offers an alternative to the way immigration is currently debated. It builds on facts, research and testimony to show that is possible to engage with the question of immigration in a rational and calm way.      


Beyond ideology - a comparative analysis of how local governance can expand national integration policy: the case of Syrian refugees in Istanbul

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, September 2020

In this paper, Fulya Memişoğlu and Başak Yavçan analyse the integration policies of two district municipalities in Istanbul. Based on in-depth interviews with local-level policy actors, the study unveils potential reasons for their highly inclusive integration policy grounded in their multi-level networks.


Comparing climate change perceptions and meteorological data in rural West Africa to improve the understanding of household decision to migrate

Climatic Change Journal, vol. 159, April 2020

In this paper, Florence de Longueville, Pierre Ozer, François Gemenne, Sabine Henry, Ole Mertz and Jona O. Nielsen performed a literature review relating to perceptions of climate change and variability in West Africa, followed by an in-depth comparison between perceptions by rural dwellers of Burkina Faso and trends in meteorological data to discuss the importance of perceptions vis-à-vis climate trends in migration decision. 

State of environmental migration

The State of Environmental Migration 2019: A review of 2018

Presses Universitaires de Liège, 2020

Edited by Caroline Zickgraf, Tatiana Castillo and Elodie Hut (The Hugo Observatory). 


Transformative climate actions in cities

Forced Migration Review, Vol. 63, 2020

In this article, Caroline Zickgraf, François Gemenne, Anneliese Depoux, Laetita Pettinotti, Agathe Cavicchioli and Sarah Rosengaertner explain why climate change will affect migrant populations in cities and how local governance to combat climate change may respond to migrants' vulnerability and support their inclusion in cities.

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Climate Change and Migration: Myths and Realities

Green European Journal, Vol. 19, 2020

In this article, Caroline Zickgraf separates myth from reality and calls for evidence-based preparation rather than fear-based reactions and crisis responses.



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Human mobility and climate change: Migration and displacement in a warming world

ECDPM Great Insights magazine, Autumn 2019 (Volume 8, Issue 4).

In this article, Caroline Zickgraf looks at the link between the changing climate and migration.

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Geopolitical Ecologies of Environmental Change, Land Grabbing and Migration. Comparative perspectives from Senegal and Cambodia

PhD Thesis under the supervision of François Gemenne, 2019.

In her PhD thesis, Hugo Observatory member Sara Vigil Diaz Telenti explores the material and discursive interactions between environmental change, land grabbing, and migration.

Watch the PhD defense: 

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Climate migration myths

Nature Climate Change 9, 2019

Ingrid Boas, Carol Farbotko et al. (inlc. Elodie Hut and Caroline Zickgraf)

Atlas de l'Antropocène

Atlas de l'Antrophocène

Presses de Sciences Po, 2019

François Gemenne, Aleksandar Rankovic and the Atelier de cartographie de Sciences Po


« Sans coopération, pas de gestion des migrations »

In this article, Elodie Hut (University of Liège) discusses several points of concern related to migration governance, using the example of the EU “migration crisis”, and calls for increased cooperation at both domestic and international levels.

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Keeping people in place: Political factors of (im)mobility and climate change

Social Sciences, 8(8), 228

This contribution by Caroline Zickgraf locates environmental immobility within mobilities studies, its conceptual complexities, and, finally, illustrates the importance of political factors in shaping (im)mobilities, based on semi-structured interviews conducted in Senegal and Vietnam.

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Climate Change and Migration Crisis in Africa

The Oxford Handbook of Migration Crises (Eds. C. Menjivar, M. Ruiz & I. Ness)

In this chapter, Caroline Zickgraf outlines the varying and multidimensional relationships between human mobility and climate change in Africa. It considers the threat of climate change to African settlement dynamics both presently and in the century to come, before providing an overview of climate change–migration dynamics and challenges throughout the continent.



The State of Environmental Migration 2018: A review of 2017

Presses Universitaires de Liège, 2018

Edited by Caroline Zickgraf, Elodie Hut, François Gemenne


Au-Delà des Frontières. Pour une Justice Migratoire

2018, Centre d’Action Laïque

By François Gemenne and Pierre Verbeeren



Migrations Environnementales: Un Phénomène Structurel à Intégrer dans l’Agenda Global du Développement (Dossier thématique)

 By Elodie Hut



Journal of International Relations, Special Issue on Problematics of Environmental Diplomacy and Geopolitics

Vol XVI, 1/2018, Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics in Bratislava

With contributions from: François Gemenne, Caroline Zickgraf, Pierre Ozer, Luka De Bruyckere, Paula Puskarova, Marine Denis.



The Routledge Handbook of Environmental Displacement and Migration, 2018, Routledge

2018, Routledge 

Edited by Robert McLeman and François Gemenne

With contributions from: François Gemenne, Caroline Zickgraf, Sara Vigil, Dalila Gharbaoui


Green Grabbing-Induced Diplacement

2018, Instituto per gli studi di politica internazionale (ISPI)

By Sara Vigil

publi  7

Du paria au leader, du leader au paria : les trajectoires croisées de la Chine et des États-Unis dans les négociations climatiques


Revue Internationale Stratégique No. 109, Armand Colin, Institut des relations internationales et stratégiques (IRIS)


Long-Term Solutions to Cross-Border Disaster Displacement: Lessons from West Africa


African Human Mobility Review Vol. 3, No. 3, Sep-Dec 2017, Scalabrini Institute for Human Mobility in Africa - By Julia Blocher and Dalila Gharbaoui


The State of Environmental Migration 2017: A review of 2016

University Presses of Liège, 2017

Edited by François Gemenne, Caroline Zickgraf, Luka De Bruyckere


Consequences of rapid ice sheet melting on the Sahelian population vulnerability


Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

By François Gemenne and others 

GJ17.183.issue-4.cover -213x300

The Geographical Journal
By François Gemenne and Julia Blocher



Ouvrir les frontières, une question de souveraineté 

Presses Universitaires de France, 2016

By François Gemenne

Cites 2

Presses Universitaires de France, 2016
By Sara Vigil


Presses Universtiaires de Lièges, 2016

Edited by François Gemenne, Caroline Zickgraf and Dina Ionesco


Routledge, 2016

Edited by François Gemenne, Daria Mokhnacheva and Dina Ionesco